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By simplifying how individuals share information across the boundaries of departments, offices and countries to enable them to make rapid, informed decisions, you are also improving your business agility.

There has never been a more popular and powerful project collaboration tool than Microsoft’s SharePoint.

In a typical business:

  • Large volumes of data are stored and can rapidly become unmanageable.
  • Multiple projects are run at once, using the technologies and talents of individuals in disparate locations.
  • Many different methods of managing projects and sharing information are being used.

Small companies can sometimes get away with this informal approach. However, medium to larger companies will often wish to standardise project management methods and provide a means of efficiently overseeing projects, communicating progress and presenting results to the company audience. For consistent quality and wider corporate and legal compliance, this is an essential move for a maturing business.

SharePoint enables a user to create, manage and build his or her own project team, document or project sub-site, then make them available throughout the company. Access to information can be provided or restricted, team efficiency improved, and workflow and project management can more easily be monitored and controlled.

We will customise SharePoint for your specific business needs, train your key personnel in the use of the technology and provide your business with a competitive edge.

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