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Online Backup

Technique IT offers simple, automated, safe and affordable backup services for all business data contained on our clients’ servers, PCs and laptops.

At the core of every business is the data it has stored on its network hardware. This data includes contact details, financial information, client records, and proposals. What would happen if this data were lost, stolen or corrupted in some way? How long would it take to recover from one of these failures, and what would be the resulting costs to your business?

Many companies back up their data themselves. But is this done every day? And, if not, how exposed is your business? Where are the backup tapes stored, and are they still vulnerable?

To find out how best to protect your business-critical data through effective backup services, contact us on 08 7127 0155, email us or click here for a call back, and we’ll be delighted to answer any of your questions.