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Managed Security

Ensure that your business-critical data is safe and secure at all times. Managed security is not just a passive service reacting to threats to your network’s security. We prod and probe your security systems regularly to make sure that it can withstand the most persistent of threats.

Amongst other things, we will filter your emails for viruses and other intrusive elements, maintain your firewall at maximum strength, ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date and regularly change your passwords throughout the network. we will schedule regular penetration testing to attack your network’s security measures and attempt to hack into your data. Any holes in your security will be identified, and we will supply you with a detailed (but simple to understand) report on the issues and methods that could be used to patch, upgrade or procure more effective security measures.

Penetration testing is about taking a worst-case scenario of a malicious attack on your network and seeing how your current security measures stand up against the onslaught. If we can get through, then so can someone else. Our job is to ensure that those back doors are firmly shut.


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