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Asset Management

There are substantial risks and costs attached to not understanding the value and configuration of your hardware and software estate, along with its accompanying warranties and licences. IT asset management is your company’s defence against these extra threats to your business.

Technique IT has many years of IT asset management experience for all manner of clients, and we only use the most sophisticated software and systems to keep track of your assets.

Our role is to ensure that:

  • your warranties are always up-to-date on all of your technical assets
  • your licence procurement is agile to the needs of your company
  • you are made aware when it is time to upgrade both software and hardware
  • maintenance contracts are monitored and not allowed to expire
  • you will always know what you have and where it is.

A lack of effective IT asset management can cost a company dearly. Finding yourself short of laptops for a project makes for a poor impression and unnecessary delays, while server issues discovered after maintenance contracts have expired will cause a problem. You may well find yourself being sued by a software company for illegally using more versions than you have licences for, or overpaying for licences that you don’t need or for maintaining hardware you no longer own. The list goes on.


Do not leave your business exposed to these risks; improve your asset management and efficiency today. Contact us to discuss your business’s needs on 08 7127 0155, or you can email us or click here for a call back.