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How We Work

Our relationship with our customers is what our reputation has been built on, so we have kept our structure and work practices agile, enabling us to act in any fashion that would be comfortable for your business.

So that you have a single point of contact, all clients are assigned an Account Manager, who is there to answer any questions, offer our assistance or book our services for you.

Our role is to service those needs in the most effective, efficient and professional manner. We will all have access to the technical information on your business that we would need to support, analyse or upgrade your technologies, as and when this is needed.

Our core principles:

  • To treat every client as unique and tailor our service to your business needs and budget.
  • Always to offer the full picture in the simplest fashion so that our clients will understand all the information, enabling them to make the best corporate decisions.
  • Speed of response to all support issues is paramount. Downtime is dead-time, and we recognise that our reputation is intrinsically linked to minimising this.
  • Flexibility in all that we do, to ensure that we work well within our clients’ comfort zones. Our service, availability, communication and client relationships are moulded to their individual needs and demands.

To speak to one of our Support team to discuss any of the above services, call us on 08 7127 0155, email us or click here for a callback.