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Upgrading PCs and Networks

Why spend a fortune on new PCs when you can upgrade your existing technology for a fraction of the cost? Many thrifty businesses look to maximise the value they can achieve from their existing equipment and prolong the gap between expensive procurement campaigns that eat into profits. Spending less and earning more is a good philosophy for any organisation.

The replacement of an IT infrastructure is a costly exercise. But how can you stretch more out of your existing technology to make it last longer or be more capable of handling the increased strains placed on it by your business? Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your laptops, desktops and networks. However, the key is to extend them even further and improve efficiency by reformatting and regularly scheduled upgrades.

Keeping up with the competition does not necessarily always mean buying the latest hardware and do not worry about the age of your hardware or software. We are just as comfortable dealing with legacy systems and networks as we are with the latest technology. We will assess your existing IT estate against your current and future business demands, then report on whether an upgrade is the best approach for your budget and needs. Our team will be with you through assessment, procurement, installation and post-installation support, to make sure that you receive the best advice and service.


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